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Gel polish Moonlight flower tutorial. Hope you like it :) 

1. Paint the nail white
2. apply pigments across the nail with a bushy brush or a fan brush(leaves a nice brush stroke effect) the pigment will stick in the gels tacky layer.
3. apply a very thin layer of topcoat and cure and wipe, this is to protect the pigments.
4. using a pointed or oval brush pick up a small amount of white gel paint or white gel polish on the brush. First you place the brush lightly on the surface on the nail and then push harder as you pull the brush down towards the side of the nail. This creates a petal effect, repeat this a few more times to make the desired number of petals then cure.
5. cover the nail in a translucent pink. I used IBD seashell pink. This gives the illusion that these petals are behind the next set of petals that we will paint.
6. paint a few more petals just below the ones we did in step 4 but overlapping them. cure. 
7. Add glitter to the center of the flowers and a little to the background as desired. 
8. topcoat the nail, if the glitter is chunky then topcoat an extra time so that it is smooth. cure, wipe and finish 
Don't you just love the beach in the summer!? That golden sand and the sound of waves ~ 

I love the sea so much I did these beach themed nails! Check them out! <3 

These were done with IBD just gel in whipped cream , Full blu-um and Seashell pink (fitting right?) and Quida 48. The turtle and starfish are sculpted with 3D gel. and I used a little gold pigment on the sand (thumbs).  Gel polish on natural nails. 
HEY! Sorry its been such a long time! lets kick it up and start using this blog again! I'm back in all my colourful glory! and lets start today off with a handpainted grumpy cat nail I did last night! <3 
Don't forget to check out all my recent nail work on my facebook page! www.facebook.com/neko.s.nails 

Grumpy Cat was painted with IBD Just gel polish! 

Woo.. I am back! Sorry for disappearing.. had a child, work.. busy busy blah blah blah, but now I am back and doing nails again to!

I'm now working at the Walpole bay hotel in Margate doing nails~ drop by and say hello! 

still using the nekonails facebook page, but also on instagram now to as Neko_nails

I did a set of Totoro nails last night, what do ya think? I love Autumn/fall <3 

Hi! long time since I've posted here.. so sorry!! I fell pregnant with my wonderful daughter Caitlyn <3 she is 5 weeks today. As you would have guessed I had been so busy and tired ofcourse :P I hope to start updating this blog more often and share more nailart with you <3 but for now here is a lovely picture of Caitlyn <3 

Hi I did a quick halloween mani :)

 Halloween ♥ the polish is prettier then the photo made it look.. it shines purple/blue/brown kinda like oil :) brand : w7 - 89 metallic jupiter

Hey everyone! i have recently re-opened my etsy shop.. after some horrible customers a few years ago i closed my store.. but now i've decided to re open as i havent stopped making things lately! so now you can all browse my store and shop easily :) here is the link http://www.etsy.com/people/nekocrafts?ref=ls_profile

here is a photo of a new ring i have been making~ 

And here is some pink + crackle madness :D 

Hey everyone! blogger stopped working for me for weeks and I've been super busy and only able to blog now :) sorry its been so long! :'( I missed you all~ Hopefully I can start posting more regular now.. tho I'd like it if people started commenting...

GRRRR~ blogger is now not uploading images for me ;~;  so I've had to do it via a url.

This is Klean colors lavenbaby and holocrome :)

I must admit I do like crackle... even tho its so common and popular now :) I decided I wanted my own pale, pastel purple crackle. I mixed some pigments with a white crackle and the pastel purple crackle was born.
Sorry about the photo of my pudgey little toes xD but I wanted to show you all my creation hehehe.

I had also been playing around with crackle and some blank rings I made :) Crackle looks so lovely as rings dont you think?

Hi everyone, If you invite people to my blog or post about my blog then when I get to 100 followers I will start a Giveaway!! SO spread the word!!!!~ <3

Yesterday my fiancee went out to buy potatoes.. he took a little longer then I thought it would take.. When he got back he told me to put the potatoes away... and when I did i found that he had bought me the Barry M pink crackle!! Yay :D It was a nice surprise <3 I'll post pictures tommorow of the crackle :)

I also broke one of my nails in my sleep last night x_x Idk how it happened.. I must have been figiting like mad lol. well it only took about a mm of of my nail length so its not that bad ^^; 

 These nails were painted with acrylic paint and a custom holo that I made. Stargazers glitter is really good! :)

I've been trying out crocheting with wire :) I think it turned out really well <3
Recently I bought the Candy floss Revlon polish and I must say it is lllloooovvvveeelyy <3 The scent lasted over 4 days!! Even with a topcoat and marbling on top!! Its got a lovely shimmer in it to. To me I think its a polish princesses would wear because its pale, pink and shimmery!!

The light pink is candyfloss and the darker pink is strawberry electric. Both are Revlon.

I really like bright and colourful things... like these earrings I made...

Also my nails this week are nice and bright :)

I used the sponge technique and Revlon tropicana and bubble gum :)
These nails always remind me of tiny little shoes :) this is a naural nail overlay with acrylics. hehe I did these back in college when I was training as a nail tech.. I've always loved ribbons and bows.
Hmmm I need to get this blog up to atleast 50 followers before I can do any kind of give-away. So please invite or blog about my blog so that you can all win some lovely prizes :)
So ever since my yahoo got hacked I've been getting random people add me. They are spammers, spamming their naughty sites... I love saying random stuff to them and watching the auto messages... This is a convo with one

"Jessie Springer: hey cutie.. you there?
neko: hm?
Jessie Springer: Hey hun.. How are you today? Wanna chat for a little? Im bored and wanted to meet new people...
neko: this is a automated message Neko is not here right now.. please leave a message for her.
Jessie Springer: haha! i am not!  i like raindrops and bubblegum at bedtime....  would an automated system say that?
neko: ooo spam bots are getting smarter o.o
neko: ok then what is the time?
Jessie Springer: nah, I am a vegetarian...  no spam for me! haha
Jessie Springer: Cool... Well, my name is Roxy Im from S.Florida.. Can I ask you a question?
neko: go on
Jessie Springer: What kinda girls you in to? Are you in to BIG TITS or a BIG BOOTY? ~
neko: I am a girl.
Jessie Springer: lol.. I have a lot of both!!Wanna see? I have some free time now...
neko: spam spam spam wonderful spam
Jessie Springer: nah, I am a vegetarian...  no spam for me! haha
neko: aha you repeated it xD
neko: got ya
Jessie Springer: Ok... let me set my web cam up and you can watch me shake my booty!! LOL.. brb"

Lol I know it has nothing to do with the blog.. I just found it really amusing xD And yes im one of those people that love talking to cleverbot.

Ok Here is some nail art.. hehehe <3 

 Sorry about the quallity of this one it was take with my DSI lol, Its a natural gel overlay with a 3d cupcake :3 I had these nails on for nearly 2 months hehe.

Ehehehe I painted Spongebob on my toes~ It was funny getting in the shower and looking down at Spongbobs horrified face :)
I feel like posting pink nail art today :D (lol I shoulda posted it yesterday for pink wednesdays). My friend Anid mentioned that in the previous post you could see my nails and pink nail art so I wanted to show you all~ (I actually forgot that my finger was in the photo! hehe ) I also have alot of nail art that hasnt been posted on this blog yet (but ofc is on my fb/DA) So I'm going to post all of those over some time to aswell as new nail art and crafts :) I'm trying to upload a post every day for a few weeks to see if this blog picks up :) posts are at 12noon UK time. Please help me get more followers by fb sharing my blog or promoting it across the web/to friends~ many thanks :) If i get enough followers I will start a giveaway <3 

Here is some pink spring style nails~ 
 These are what you see in the whale ring photo :)

 These are some pink acrylic nails with shell,glitter and 3d ad handpainted art. Hmm I think I did these nails back in oct 2010 eheheehe~
So lately I have been crafting so much :) I wanted to show you all some cute rings I have crafted <3 enjoy! 

I thought I would show you some bridal nails I did from a competition :) The edges are shaped and drilled to look like lace. These were done with acrylic and gel :) 
I know I know.. I said that I would update more.. Sorry!! I've Been really busy this week... I've been so inspired to craft again.. So I've been making new jewelry and accessories and projects :) I even made myself a lightbox. 

Hmm my camera is playing up and keeps killing the memory card :( so it has to be reformatted a lot so I loose a lot of photos. So a lot of manicure pictures have been deleted before i could save them. Dont worry tho! i'll do more mani's or pedi's and get some nice pictures for you.

This is a old-ish picture (about 3 weeks ago) I thought i had already posted it , but i guess not :) so here it is~ A flowery blue pedicure. inspired by winter turning to spring <3 I used acrylic paints and O.P.I - Absolutely Alice

hehe dont i have funny looking toes :3

I thought I would also post a swatch of Me Me Me - Meteor  Its a lovely shimmery gunmetal colour the shimmer is blue/pink and really tiny.. kind holo :) its a really pretty polish and super afordable. 

Now I will show you a ring I made :) I make and sell jewelry as one of my hobbies.. I've been making jewelry for about 4 years now. I think seeing this is a crafts and nails blog I should really put some of my crafts on it lol. So starting from now I will be showing you the odd piece of jewelry and crafts <3 

This picture was taken with the light box i made to :) the writing on the ring is super tiny.. just under 1mm n_n

(Sorry everyone this post was due a few days ago but something bad happened so I had to put off writing)

Hi you nail lovers! so today I decided to try my hand at Layering polishes :) So I took this bright reddy pink (MUA) colour and a pearl colour with shimmer (Me Me Me - Moonbeam)and started playing. 
I used 2 coats of MUA's pink (I forget which number) and 1 coat of moonbeam.

This was the outcome :) (taken in sunlight) Isn't it gorgeous?? It made a lovely Fire colour <3
I then painted a little design around the Halfmoon area :) I cant just leave nails plain hehehe.
This pic was unfortunately taken with flash. by the time everything had been sorted out the sun had gone away :(. I then topcoated the nails and tada <3 

Hope you enjoyed this post :) I will try and post more often!! :D 
Hi Ive extended the hand in date for the nail art competition! its now due in by the 30th of april :)