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Gel polish Moonlight flower tutorial. Hope you like it :) 

1. Paint the nail white
2. apply pigments across the nail with a bushy brush or a fan brush(leaves a nice brush stroke effect) the pigment will stick in the gels tacky layer.
3. apply a very thin layer of topcoat and cure and wipe, this is to protect the pigments.
4. using a pointed or oval brush pick up a small amount of white gel paint or white gel polish on the brush. First you place the brush lightly on the surface on the nail and then push harder as you pull the brush down towards the side of the nail. This creates a petal effect, repeat this a few more times to make the desired number of petals then cure.
5. cover the nail in a translucent pink. I used IBD seashell pink. This gives the illusion that these petals are behind the next set of petals that we will paint.
6. paint a few more petals just below the ones we did in step 4 but overlapping them. cure. 
7. Add glitter to the center of the flowers and a little to the background as desired. 
8. topcoat the nail, if the glitter is chunky then topcoat an extra time so that it is smooth. cure, wipe and finish