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Hey, lately I've really been liking blue~ and so i decided that would be a great colour for my nails this week :)
its my natural nails (wow theyve grown so long.. with the help from a gel polish overlay ;) ) that ive hand painted, the tips are "absolutely alice" and the designs are hand painted with acrylic paint <3 then sealed with a topcoat. been on about 4 days with no chipping so far :)

Hi there! Sorry its been awhile my fellow nail lovers~ been real busy as of late. But I stopped by to show you all some recent works of mine! stiletto nails! I find them elegant and beautiful, others disagree but its personal taste :)

This one is my current set of nails, a very wintry icy theme I called them "touch of frost" they have white netting encased on the clear part, 3d art and the designs are hand painted. I used nsi sheer pink, totally clear and radiant white as well as some baby blue (it's a boy). They also have some opal shimmer glitter in them to give them that winter morning frost effect, where you open your curtains to see everything white and sparkling in the morning sun~

This next picture is steampunk inspired :)
Steampunk nails ~ hand painted cogs, keys, filigree style scroll work and encased lace ♥

Photography (c)Valentino Scaramanga
beautiful model (c) Sylkyss Scaramanga
Nails (c) nekocrafts (me)

Please click on the image to view full size

this is the photographers page http://www.facebook.com/valentino.scaramanga

Halloween has got to be one of my favourite holidays!! And you know what that means.... Halloween Nail art!!! <3 As most of my friends know I am a HUGE hello kitty fan I just had to hello kittys on my nails <3 These are some of my Halloween nails so far..

I love butterflies.. I love jewelry and I love nails.. This is what happens when you cross all 3..

hand made ring, made from gel :D (also used to make nail extentions with) I wanted to try making rings from gel instead of acrylic.. it sure is more fiddly.. i think i will stick to acrylic :)

gel, pink glitter, butterfly fimo, crushed shell
this ring is a size 6 and is available for sale, $15 £9

cute tiny nail polish studs, pefect for nail geeks and lovers ♥ ! £6 including shipping ($12) and gift wrapping. sterling silver you choose the colour and what you want on the bottles. (they are glittery so the camera didnt pick that up very well)
email me at cupcake.coronets.gmail.com if you'd like a pair or comment here and leave your email address.

Hi there, I'd like to say a huge thankyou for people following my blog, I know its just starting out but I have alot to offer you!! Thankyou for getting me to 10 followers, I will now post the free tutorial! <3
There will be a chance for another free tutorial at 15, 20 and 30followers and so on... but after 20 the tutorials will be emailed instead of posted up on the blogs page :) So if you want to keep receiving all the free nail art tutorials then please follow this blog! <3~

Rose vine - Hand Painted tutorial

please click on the image to view the tutorial

Materials needed
  • nails
  • buffer (optional)
  • white acrylic paint
  • paintbrush ( I used a striper brush)
  • topcoat
step 1, lightly buff the surface of the nail, this allows the paint to adhere better.
step 2, with your white paint carefully paint c or colon shape
step 3, paint one another colon or c facing inwards to the one you just painted (like speech marks)
step 4, paint a small line underneath the part you just painted.
step 5, paint some little triangles around the middle of the rose as petals.
step 6, add more petals and 2 more roses.
step 7, add some vines around the roses.
step 8, add some little leaves to the vines.
Step 9, wait for the white paint to dry and then topcoat your nail
You are now finished ! <3

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!! now get making some Awesome nail art!!

Finally I am happy with the design and layout of this blog! :D
I cant wait to bring you all wonderful Nail art pictures, information, crafts.. and much more!
I'm Currently holding a offer where when i reach 10 followers I will post a Free nail art tutorial!! So please tell your friends all about this page <3

Here is a picture of a cute pedicure I did recently :)
Cute little bows on stripy toes~
hello! welcome to my blog of nice nails and cute things! <3 
My name is Neko and im a nailist (Nail technician) and a jewelry maker/crafts.
i specialize in nail art n_n, hand painted and 3d acrylic nail art is my fave. 
Here in my blog i will be posting my creations, Reviews of nail brands and so on, cute things that have interested me.. and lots more! 
here is some nails ive done recently ~ comments are welcome! 

Baby blue Ribbon nail
 handmade dragonfly ring.. made with acrylics (L+P)
 sailor nail with hand painted anchor