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Hi there, I'd like to say a huge thankyou for people following my blog, I know its just starting out but I have alot to offer you!! Thankyou for getting me to 10 followers, I will now post the free tutorial! <3
There will be a chance for another free tutorial at 15, 20 and 30followers and so on... but after 20 the tutorials will be emailed instead of posted up on the blogs page :) So if you want to keep receiving all the free nail art tutorials then please follow this blog! <3~

Rose vine - Hand Painted tutorial

please click on the image to view the tutorial

Materials needed
  • nails
  • buffer (optional)
  • white acrylic paint
  • paintbrush ( I used a striper brush)
  • topcoat
step 1, lightly buff the surface of the nail, this allows the paint to adhere better.
step 2, with your white paint carefully paint c or colon shape
step 3, paint one another colon or c facing inwards to the one you just painted (like speech marks)
step 4, paint a small line underneath the part you just painted.
step 5, paint some little triangles around the middle of the rose as petals.
step 6, add more petals and 2 more roses.
step 7, add some vines around the roses.
step 8, add some little leaves to the vines.
Step 9, wait for the white paint to dry and then topcoat your nail
You are now finished ! <3

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!! now get making some Awesome nail art!!