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hmm so i want to do a little review on 2 of O.P.I 's colours.. normally they do great polish.. I love alot of them.
so my review on o.p.i whats with the cattitude and rumples wiggin is that's its terrible.. the colours are great .. but it takes 3 coats and whats more you have to wait between 5 and 15 mins for each layer to dry before you do the next! or otherwise it will just stay smudgable. also its like plasticy so if you do get some on 
the skin and your removing it with a orangestick and cotton wool, it peels.
which pulls up some of the polish on the nail and makes a big mess.. I'm disappointed in these polishes. all the other o.p.i's are great. just not these. idk what they did wrong :/ I've read alot of the reviews and everyone has experienced the same thing..

Now I'm not being shy to speak my mind here. Like I said nearly all O.P.I polishes are great just not these 2 and I'm not going to lie about it.

anyway here is whats with the cattitude 3 coats.

 as you can see.. how messy! esp around the cuticles. thats because if you try and tidy it will pull the rest of the polish and make it look horrible! normally I dont get the polish on the skin but ocassionally some does get there, esp after doing 3 coats. It also applies very streaky but luckly its ok by the 3rd coat.

This is the finnished manicure taken with no flash because flash washes out the colour. Again how messy. Because of this its taken over a hour to do a simple halfmoon manicure.

/End Rant
Hey everyone~ I've decided that I might start swatching a few polishes and reviewing them every now and again.
Today I thought I might have a play around with some China Glaze colours
I also wanted to try out a scotch tape mani :) seen here http://chloesnails.blogspot.com/2010/12/checkers-anyone.html
follow her blog! she has some awesome ideas <3

first after applying basecoat i did 2 layers of "turned up turquoise"

 without flash~
 with flash
 topcoated :) I used sally hansen Mega shine topcoat
 ok now Ive had these little paper punchers for awhile as I used to use them when working with fimo clay and I was thinking about the tape mani's so I wanted to try this out.. so I punched out a star from my tape then laid the tape over my thumb and painted with "the ten man" from China glaze. peeled it off and there i have my own star :D 
 the star on my thump and the tape (I used masking tape as i dont have scotch tape and it works fine :) )
 Then I did check board effect on the rest of the nails using tape, this is with flash. Its not very clear with flash so I took a photo without it, for some reason with no flash on the camera takes blurred pictures x_x
 Finnished mani with no flash <3

Also dont you just love my flower/leopard print pj bottoms? :D

overal  turned up turquoise is a great colour as like most china glaze polishes it drys matt. I love it more with top coat on because then you can really see the hidden shimmer :)
the ten man is also good because it has alot of glitter in is aswells as the silver colour so its real sparkly. 

Thats all from me for today :) be sure to leave a comment. I'll get back to trying to find "flakkies" in the uk i cant find any flakie polish anywhere here! D:

hey there, here is some links to other nail blogs that are having giveaways :)

a great one here , http://www.varnishvixen.com/p/yay-spring-giveaway.html
also a nice little one here :) http://intensecolor.blogspot.com/2011/03/my-first-giveaway.html
hi there :) Ive decided to do my own little nail art contest. Anyone can enter and can enter as many entries.

Theme is cute = bows, hello kitty, stars, hearts, etc..

you can use any products you want :) it would be best if you use a hand model or you own hands. min of 4 nails in each pic please.

I'm the judge (as its only a little competition)


You will be judged on

look - wow factor
how each nail ties in with the overall look/design

prizes at the moment are : OPI nail polish - hungary for my honey (red ish golden (autumn leave like) colour, google it for a picture)
Spa Ritual nail polish - hunk of burnin' love

(more prizes might get added)

will be 1 winner and 1 runner up~

please email your entry to cupcake.coronets@gmail.com

also a small step by step (tutorial) of how you did the nails and came up with the idea is needed :)


Deadline is 21st april - GOOD LUCK <3
Hi everyone!, sorry that I haven't updated in a few months.. I was sooo busy moving house x_x
well.... Now I'm back and Neko's nails is operational! ehehehe~
I will be making some more tutorials to post up for you all and if you'd like to see something specific just let me know !! also let me know if you want to see me do a certain something or theme on my nails or in 3d art :) I'd be happy to try out things for you all~

I must say... that the make up brand "Barry M" have made a black crackle coat (like the opi katy perry one) but its muuuuch cheaper and available to everyone. Its only £4 in the store Super Drug (UK) its pure awesome~ You put it over a coloured polish and the black polish will crack and show the coloured polish through the cracks :D I'll post some photos up later this week :)

Onto some nail pictures~ I had these lovely 3d dragonfly nails on over Christmas and January. ~I used NSI clear gel and stargazers purple glitter on the tips. I also used NSI coloured powders for the dragonflies. this is on my natural nails :)

Lastly these are some custom pink glitter overlays (gel) with a 3d white bow :) Unfortunately these are really short as I had to cut my long nails back... but still cute huh? <3

well that's it from me for now... happy nail decorating!! <3