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hmm so i want to do a little review on 2 of O.P.I 's colours.. normally they do great polish.. I love alot of them.
so my review on o.p.i whats with the cattitude and rumples wiggin is that's its terrible.. the colours are great .. but it takes 3 coats and whats more you have to wait between 5 and 15 mins for each layer to dry before you do the next! or otherwise it will just stay smudgable. also its like plasticy so if you do get some on 
the skin and your removing it with a orangestick and cotton wool, it peels.
which pulls up some of the polish on the nail and makes a big mess.. I'm disappointed in these polishes. all the other o.p.i's are great. just not these. idk what they did wrong :/ I've read alot of the reviews and everyone has experienced the same thing..

Now I'm not being shy to speak my mind here. Like I said nearly all O.P.I polishes are great just not these 2 and I'm not going to lie about it.

anyway here is whats with the cattitude 3 coats.

 as you can see.. how messy! esp around the cuticles. thats because if you try and tidy it will pull the rest of the polish and make it look horrible! normally I dont get the polish on the skin but ocassionally some does get there, esp after doing 3 coats. It also applies very streaky but luckly its ok by the 3rd coat.

This is the finnished manicure taken with no flash because flash washes out the colour. Again how messy. Because of this its taken over a hour to do a simple halfmoon manicure.

/End Rant


Anid Harker said...

You call that messy? That's how my nails normally look .-. I always peel it off the skin once it's dry. Maybe I am the messy one .-.

nekocrafts said...

hehe i think it looks more messy in person then :) i tried to neaten it up as much as i could.