Have a lovely day~ Neko's Nails~
Hey everyone~ I've decided that I might start swatching a few polishes and reviewing them every now and again.
Today I thought I might have a play around with some China Glaze colours
I also wanted to try out a scotch tape mani :) seen here http://chloesnails.blogspot.com/2010/12/checkers-anyone.html
follow her blog! she has some awesome ideas <3

first after applying basecoat i did 2 layers of "turned up turquoise"

 without flash~
 with flash
 topcoated :) I used sally hansen Mega shine topcoat
 ok now Ive had these little paper punchers for awhile as I used to use them when working with fimo clay and I was thinking about the tape mani's so I wanted to try this out.. so I punched out a star from my tape then laid the tape over my thumb and painted with "the ten man" from China glaze. peeled it off and there i have my own star :D 
 the star on my thump and the tape (I used masking tape as i dont have scotch tape and it works fine :) )
 Then I did check board effect on the rest of the nails using tape, this is with flash. Its not very clear with flash so I took a photo without it, for some reason with no flash on the camera takes blurred pictures x_x
 Finnished mani with no flash <3

Also dont you just love my flower/leopard print pj bottoms? :D

overal  turned up turquoise is a great colour as like most china glaze polishes it drys matt. I love it more with top coat on because then you can really see the hidden shimmer :)
the ten man is also good because it has alot of glitter in is aswells as the silver colour so its real sparkly. 

Thats all from me for today :) be sure to leave a comment. I'll get back to trying to find "flakkies" in the uk i cant find any flakie polish anywhere here! D:


Lady M said...

I like the checkers! Cute combo.