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Yesterday my fiancee went out to buy potatoes.. he took a little longer then I thought it would take.. When he got back he told me to put the potatoes away... and when I did i found that he had bought me the Barry M pink crackle!! Yay :D It was a nice surprise <3 I'll post pictures tommorow of the crackle :)

I also broke one of my nails in my sleep last night x_x Idk how it happened.. I must have been figiting like mad lol. well it only took about a mm of of my nail length so its not that bad ^^; 

 These nails were painted with acrylic paint and a custom holo that I made. Stargazers glitter is really good! :)

I've been trying out crocheting with wire :) I think it turned out really well <3


Anid Harker said...

How do you break a nail in your sleep O.o
And ooh, I know where to get Stargazer so I'll remember n.n