Have a lovely day~ Neko's Nails~
I know I know.. I said that I would update more.. Sorry!! I've Been really busy this week... I've been so inspired to craft again.. So I've been making new jewelry and accessories and projects :) I even made myself a lightbox. 

Hmm my camera is playing up and keeps killing the memory card :( so it has to be reformatted a lot so I loose a lot of photos. So a lot of manicure pictures have been deleted before i could save them. Dont worry tho! i'll do more mani's or pedi's and get some nice pictures for you.

This is a old-ish picture (about 3 weeks ago) I thought i had already posted it , but i guess not :) so here it is~ A flowery blue pedicure. inspired by winter turning to spring <3 I used acrylic paints and O.P.I - Absolutely Alice

hehe dont i have funny looking toes :3

I thought I would also post a swatch of Me Me Me - Meteor  Its a lovely shimmery gunmetal colour the shimmer is blue/pink and really tiny.. kind holo :) its a really pretty polish and super afordable. 

Now I will show you a ring I made :) I make and sell jewelry as one of my hobbies.. I've been making jewelry for about 4 years now. I think seeing this is a crafts and nails blog I should really put some of my crafts on it lol. So starting from now I will be showing you the odd piece of jewelry and crafts <3 

This picture was taken with the light box i made to :) the writing on the ring is super tiny.. just under 1mm n_n