Have a lovely day~ Neko's Nails~
I feel like posting pink nail art today :D (lol I shoulda posted it yesterday for pink wednesdays). My friend Anid mentioned that in the previous post you could see my nails and pink nail art so I wanted to show you all~ (I actually forgot that my finger was in the photo! hehe ) I also have alot of nail art that hasnt been posted on this blog yet (but ofc is on my fb/DA) So I'm going to post all of those over some time to aswell as new nail art and crafts :) I'm trying to upload a post every day for a few weeks to see if this blog picks up :) posts are at 12noon UK time. Please help me get more followers by fb sharing my blog or promoting it across the web/to friends~ many thanks :) If i get enough followers I will start a giveaway <3 

Here is some pink spring style nails~ 
 These are what you see in the whale ring photo :)

 These are some pink acrylic nails with shell,glitter and 3d ad handpainted art. Hmm I think I did these nails back in oct 2010 eheheehe~


Anid Harker said...

(This is stupid and childish, but) I can haz mention!! chun chun