Have a lovely day~ Neko's Nails~
(Sorry everyone this post was due a few days ago but something bad happened so I had to put off writing)

Hi you nail lovers! so today I decided to try my hand at Layering polishes :) So I took this bright reddy pink (MUA) colour and a pearl colour with shimmer (Me Me Me - Moonbeam)and started playing. 
I used 2 coats of MUA's pink (I forget which number) and 1 coat of moonbeam.

This was the outcome :) (taken in sunlight) Isn't it gorgeous?? It made a lovely Fire colour <3
I then painted a little design around the Halfmoon area :) I cant just leave nails plain hehehe.
This pic was unfortunately taken with flash. by the time everything had been sorted out the sun had gone away :(. I then topcoated the nails and tada <3 

Hope you enjoyed this post :) I will try and post more often!! :D