Have a lovely day~ Neko's Nails~
wow today was great in the magical land of nails.. whilst out doing my weekly shop (you know, boring food/house supply shopping) I found a store selling the crackle polishes in big 15ml bottles in black, silver and white. I immediately jumped up and down with a big grin on my face in the middle of the store :) I was so happy to find these. I already had Barry M's black crackle so I picked up a silver and white one of these ones. They are W7 (warpaint) brand. Also on my shopping trip I wandered into a little polish food store.. I definitely wasn't expecting polish in here but I found a little section at the back which had one colour of polish for only 50p this was Avons "romance". Its actually a really nice colour and goes on well so I'm pleased with that little find to :)
Here is a photo of my find :) 
The W7 ones are called "earthquake" 
Here is me wearing them (I put them over the polish from the last post )
The white goes on a little watery but turns out ok once its crackled. The silver is quite a thick silver which is nice as i feared it would be to thin and show the colour underneath. the last finger is the Avon Romance colour. 

Today I decided to try my hand at frankening which is where you mix your own nail polish colours from other polished or pigments :)

This is what I used. A old white colour. A old small bottle of a pearl coloured polish and some green eye pigment from MUA. 

The outcome is really nice :) for my first try haha. Its a pastel seafoamy green :D I really like it, very shimmery :) 
Thats all from me today~ happy nailing


Anid Harker said...

It always makes you a happy girl when you find pretty polishes in unexpected places right?
My first (and only) attempt at frankening turned out pretty sheer, but its so pretty in the sun that I don't care *o* It's a light purple with blue shimmer, by the way.