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okie so I'm looking for a certain type of nail polish and I cant find it anywhere!!! its magnetic nail polish! "Alessandro Go Magic Twist" and "essence magnetics" or any magnetic polish...
I will trade HANDSOMELY with handmade jewelry!! so you get me the polish and i will send you some nice jewelry of your choice!! please help~~

also to view my jewelry just go to www.neko-crafts.deviantart.com/gallery


Anid Harker said...

I don't have any, sadly, I now regret not buying the essence ones when I saw them. Was it limited edition? Not likely to be in stores anymore u.u
L'oreal also has those but are sadly discontinued, I saw some (ugly) colors, but maybe they're findable on ebay? Also there's a french brand that sells online that has a (new) line of magnetics, it's called LM Cosmetics I think, but I don't know how they work because I can't speak french to save my life.
I probably didn't help you at all with this X'D

nekocrafts said...

yeah there is afew brands that do it, l'oreal, essence, lancome... etc but they are always super rare and hard to find! its so annoying im so desperate to try them u_u

Anid Harker said...

I didn't know Lancome also had them O.o
But yeah, always desperate to try new curious stuffs, me too (Ah, flakies >.<)