Have a lovely day~ Neko's Nails~
hallo thar~  I hope you enjoy this tutorial, I wanted to show how to create a really nice fade effect with nail polish :)

firstly you will need :
Nail polish (2 colours)
Nail polish remover
cotton pads or cotton buds
a sponge (preferably cut really small)
base + topcoat (altho I love the matt effect using the sponge gives so sometimes I dont topcoat)

I used me me me 30 splish splash (Its a beautiful colour)
and a polish I made (a lovely inky blue/purple)
Apply basecoat to prevent staining and to help your manicure last longer.
Then add some of your darker colour to your sponge and dab it onto the bottom of your nail. Make sure you dab it right by the cuticle first because that part needs to be darkest and gettting lighter/less polish towards the tip of the nail.
Repeat 2 more times till you have the colour as dark as in the bottle still making sure it gets lighter towards the tip like in the photo above.
Now add your lighter colour on a fresh part of the sponge and dab ontothe tip of your nail and then lightly dabbing it up onto the darker colour. 
Should now look like this. Now reapeat 2 more times so the polish on the tip is the same shade as in the bottle.
Then clean up around your nails with polish remover :) 
finnished nails should look like this. You can top coat them if you want too as it does mean the polish will stay on a little longer. when I went to take this photo the sun disapeared :(


Anid Harker said...

Oooh, I love this technique. Basically because it's very forgiving and you don't need to be ultra precise XD
I like to use sponge eye shadow applicators, because they have something to grab.
LOL, and I used this on the manicure with which I intend to enter your lovely contest, funny coincidence ~*.*