Have a lovely day~ Neko's Nails~
(Sorry everyone this post was due a few days ago but something bad happened so I had to put off writing)

Hi you nail lovers! so today I decided to try my hand at Layering polishes :) So I took this bright reddy pink (MUA) colour and a pearl colour with shimmer (Me Me Me - Moonbeam)and started playing. 
I used 2 coats of MUA's pink (I forget which number) and 1 coat of moonbeam.

This was the outcome :) (taken in sunlight) Isn't it gorgeous?? It made a lovely Fire colour <3
I then painted a little design around the Halfmoon area :) I cant just leave nails plain hehehe.
This pic was unfortunately taken with flash. by the time everything had been sorted out the sun had gone away :(. I then topcoated the nails and tada <3 

Hope you enjoyed this post :) I will try and post more often!! :D 
Hi Ive extended the hand in date for the nail art competition! its now due in by the 30th of april :)

Hey everyone , justt letting you know there is only 4 days left to enter the nail art comp so please start seding in your entries! <3

hand painted.. its very tiny in real life.. my thumb nail is nearly 2cm across and about 2 and a bit long :)

I really like Koi fish lately :heart: 



okie so I'm looking for a certain type of nail polish and I cant find it anywhere!!! its magnetic nail polish! "Alessandro Go Magic Twist" and "essence magnetics" or any magnetic polish...
I will trade HANDSOMELY with handmade jewelry!! so you get me the polish and i will send you some nice jewelry of your choice!! please help~~

also to view my jewelry just go to www.neko-crafts.deviantart.com/gallery
hii :) so today I decided to have a little fun with watermarble because I couldn't decide what polish to wear I decided to wear them all :D 

I used : Past present and fuchsia (OPI), Splish Splash (Me Me Me), Orange was a millennium nails striper, green and yellow were neon colours from Claire's accessories :)

As with most things the colours look alot better in person :) While trying to capture a good pic of the nails my kitten decided to be nosey :)

So I took a photo of her :) Her name is Moo <3
hallo thar~  I hope you enjoy this tutorial, I wanted to show how to create a really nice fade effect with nail polish :)

firstly you will need :
Nail polish (2 colours)
Nail polish remover
cotton pads or cotton buds
a sponge (preferably cut really small)
base + topcoat (altho I love the matt effect using the sponge gives so sometimes I dont topcoat)

I used me me me 30 splish splash (Its a beautiful colour)
and a polish I made (a lovely inky blue/purple)
Apply basecoat to prevent staining and to help your manicure last longer.
Then add some of your darker colour to your sponge and dab it onto the bottom of your nail. Make sure you dab it right by the cuticle first because that part needs to be darkest and gettting lighter/less polish towards the tip of the nail.
Repeat 2 more times till you have the colour as dark as in the bottle still making sure it gets lighter towards the tip like in the photo above.
Now add your lighter colour on a fresh part of the sponge and dab ontothe tip of your nail and then lightly dabbing it up onto the darker colour. 
Should now look like this. Now reapeat 2 more times so the polish on the tip is the same shade as in the bottle.
Then clean up around your nails with polish remover :) 
finnished nails should look like this. You can top coat them if you want too as it does mean the polish will stay on a little longer. when I went to take this photo the sun disapeared :(
wow today was great in the magical land of nails.. whilst out doing my weekly shop (you know, boring food/house supply shopping) I found a store selling the crackle polishes in big 15ml bottles in black, silver and white. I immediately jumped up and down with a big grin on my face in the middle of the store :) I was so happy to find these. I already had Barry M's black crackle so I picked up a silver and white one of these ones. They are W7 (warpaint) brand. Also on my shopping trip I wandered into a little polish food store.. I definitely wasn't expecting polish in here but I found a little section at the back which had one colour of polish for only 50p this was Avons "romance". Its actually a really nice colour and goes on well so I'm pleased with that little find to :)
Here is a photo of my find :) 
The W7 ones are called "earthquake" 
Here is me wearing them (I put them over the polish from the last post )
The white goes on a little watery but turns out ok once its crackled. The silver is quite a thick silver which is nice as i feared it would be to thin and show the colour underneath. the last finger is the Avon Romance colour. 

Today I decided to try my hand at frankening which is where you mix your own nail polish colours from other polished or pigments :)

This is what I used. A old white colour. A old small bottle of a pearl coloured polish and some green eye pigment from MUA. 

The outcome is really nice :) for my first try haha. Its a pastel seafoamy green :D I really like it, very shimmery :) 
Thats all from me today~ happy nailing